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Versailles Buy Tickets In Advance ##VERIFIED##

Where you need to go to buy tickets in person will depend on what type of ticket you want, as there are different ticket desks for the palace and the Estate of Trianon. Palace and Passport tickets are bought on the left side of the Honour Courtyard, while tickets for the Trianon are bought at the Grand or the Petit Trianon. Guided tours are booked separately on the right side of the Honour Courtyard.

versailles buy tickets in advance

There are also special tickets available that include one with full access to the palace estate plus an equestrian show and one with full access to the palace estate plus a gourmet meal at La Petite Venise restaurant.

In this post, I will sum up the best ways to get tickets to the Palace of Versailles and share some information and tips that will help you plan your visit and make the most of it. Before I do so, however, let me share a bit of information about Chateau Versailles.

In order to visit Versailles Castle, you should buy tickets in advance and select a specific time slot for your visit. Tickets are also available at the door, subject to availability. In other words, you are way better off getting tickets in advance.

Other options available for purchase include Versailles tickets with the Equestrian Show; tickets inclusive of bike rental, round trip by train on wheel, or bike rental; tickets that include a row boat ride; and tickets that include lunch at La Petite Venise.

Using a third party site is the easiest way to get tickets to Versailles. There are many sites to pick from, all sorts of ticket options, and none of the complications you may find on the official website.

E-cars must be booked in advance and are available for hire from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm (from 15 February to the end of March), until 6:45 pm (from April to October) and until 5:00 pm from November to December. Cars are not available from 1 January to 15 February, and from 15 November to 15 February at the Little Venice rental place.

As you have probably already seen on the Versailles Palace official website, entrance tickets often sell out fast. It is almost impossible to buy a ticket online at the last minute. Usually, you need to book your tickets in advance, often one to two weeks ahead of time.

There are three types of tickets: Palace, Passport, and Estate of Trianon. Each one gives you access to different areas of Versailles Palace and allows you to add on experiences.

Before reading this guide and deciding which tickets to buy, please note that the Palace of Versailles, the Trianon Estate, and the Gardens and Park are free to visit for under 18s, as well as those under 26 who are residents of the EU.

When it comes to purchasing Versailles tickets, there are essentially three options available. The first option is to purchase an all-in-one selection which includes return transport from Paris, as well as entrance to the Château (with some of these options offering a guided tour and entrance into other parts of the Versailles estate).

For those who wish to take the Parisian day trip stress-free, then a guide excursion from the French capital is an absolute must. Included in these tickets are transfers to and from Paris, as well as entrance into various parts of the Château and grounds.

Skip the Queue Versailles and Trianon Audio Pen Tour: For those who wish to enjoy the Château, Gardens, and the Trianons at their own pace, this ticket includes admission as well as an audioguide providing information about the entire domain. Purchase the ticket in advance here.

Versailles Palace & Gardens Timed Ticket with Audio Guide: If you have limited time to explore the Château, then I recommend prioritising a visit to the main palace and gardens, as well as ensuring to book a timed ticket so as to avoid waiting in queues for too long. Purchase your ticket here in advance.

Included in the entrance fee is priority entrance to the Palace, as well as access to the gardens, and a glimpse of the Private Apartments together with a professional guide. Buy your tickets here in advance.

You can buy the Passport ticket if you want to visit the whole estate, the Palace tickets if you only want to see the Palace and the gardens and the Trianon Estate ticket which offers access just to those estates and the gardens.

You also have the option of Trianon Estate tickets which allow access only to this estate and the gardens (found on the official website). And last but not least the entry tickets + transportation from Paris which you can get from GetYourGuide.

Cons: Had to pay for the audio guide at the entrance.\nPro: The palace and gardens are great. I'd recommend tickets to the Trianon and a tour through the Hameau de la Reine","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Andrei O.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":4,"bestRating":5},"@type":"Review","name":"","datePublished":"2022-08-13","description":"Impressive. A good experience. Especially Queen\u2019s hamlet. ","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Michael C.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":5,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Small room but warm and nice","datePublished":"2019-09-14","description":"Good location, small room. Quiet at night. Staffs are very friendly. Fridge in the room. Wi-Fi signal is not always stable.","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Lu","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":4,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"It\u2019s great to see a lot of there place","datePublished":"2019-09-12","description":"It\u2019s great to see a lot of there place. So many people interested there and a lot of people upstairs","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Krungwut SOONTARA ","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":4,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Amazing experience","datePublished":"2019-08-23","description":"Amazing experience! Definitely will be memorable and the place was absolutely stunning!","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Marion ","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":5,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Excellent service","datePublished":"2019-06-27","description":"Excellent service. Very efficient! Thank you.","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Hui-Chu S.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":5,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Excellent Service Love it","datePublished":"2019-05-24","description":"Excellent Service Love it 5 Stars","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Hamid A.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":5,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Prompt and very responsive service","datePublished":"2019-03-29","description":"Prompt and very responsive service","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Sherry B.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":4,"bestRating":5,"@type":"Review","name":"Very easy service and were great in\u2026","datePublished":"2018-12-28","description":"Very easy service and were great in switching our tickets very last minute .","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Jaey A.","reviewRating":"@type":"Rating","worstRating":1,"ratingValue":5,"bestRating":5]}Read reviewsMapOpen mapAddressENTRÉE A, Pavillon Dufour78000 VersaillesCommon questionsHow much does it cost to tour Versailles?The visit to the castle costs 18 euros. The ticket allows you to visit the castle and the gardens outside the Musical Fountains and Musical Gardens days. To visit the entire Versailles estate, choose the Passport which also allows access to the Trianon estate and the Queen's Hamlet at 20 euros (27 euros on days of Musical Fountains and Musical Gardens shows). The Château and the Trianon Domaine are free for children under 18, EU residents under 26, people with reduced mobility and accompanying adults. When it is not free (in the summer season), access to the gardens alone will cost between 9 and 11 euros (children under 6 years old go free). The spectacle of Versailles Night Fountains Show can be reserved from 29 euros.Buy your tickets for the Palace of Versailles

You can buy tickets at Versailles. Note, however, that you will have to queue twice, at the ticket office and then at the entrance to the castle. Buying tickets for the chateau online saves you time at the ticket office. Access to the gardens alone is free except on Musical Fountains and Musical Gardens days, ie in high season every Tuesday, Friday and weekends where buying tickets in advance is a really good idea.Buy your tickets for the Palace of Versailles

Skip-the-line (also called "fast-track" or "priority" or "reserved entry") tickets that let you book a specific date/time slot are almost always worth getting and are easy to buy online before you travel.

Reserving your ticket in advance also ensures that you won't be shut out by daily entry limits. With the Louvre Museum now limiting daily admission to 30,000 visitors (down from 45,000/day pre-pandemic), not booking in advance means that even if you're willing to stand in line, you're still out of luck once the daily limit is reached. Similarly, the Eiffel Tower also limits visitors.

For the most popular destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and Disneyland Paris, order your skip-the-line tickets or book your tour as soon as you know your travel dates. The most popular tours and tickets sell out faster than you might expect, especially for peak travel periods. Don't be left standing in line!

Home to the Mona Lisa - perhaps the most famous painting in the world - and countless other treasures filling its vast spaces, the Louvre Museum attracts massive crowds. During peak seasons, getting through the regular ticket line can take up to three hours or more. Don't risk being stuck in it: get a skip-the-line ticket for a reserved date/time slot in advance. 041b061a72


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